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BTC-Preis erreicht $17,075 Tiefststand – Verlust von $1000 in 3 Stunden

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Nach dem Preisanstieg auf bis zu $19.500 während des Tageshandels erlebte Bitcoin eine Phase rückläufiger Unsicherheit, die zu einem starken Ausverkauf führte. Bitcoin stufte dann 17.075 $ mit täglichen Verlusten von etwa 5 % ein.

Der plötzliche Preisrückgang ging einher mit großvolumigen Anlegern, die BTC an den Börsen deponierten – vermutlich, um einen Gewinn in der Nähe des Allzeithochs von Bitcoin von 20.000 $ zu erzielen. Viele Analysten sagten diese Wendung der Ereignisse voraus. Händler Tone Vays sagte sogar, dass der Rückgang bis auf $14.000 steigen würde. Natürlich gehen die Meinungen der Analysten auseinander, und viele warten auf die BTC-Rallye.

Die nächsten Stunden werden entscheidend dafür sein, ob Bitcoin endlich seinen zinsbullischen Kanal verlässt und sich zurücklehnt, oder ob der Rückgang nur eine kurze Pause ist, bevor der seit Mitte Oktober 2020 anhaltende Aufwärtstrend fortgesetzt wird.

Die meisten anderen populären Kryptowährungen fielen ebenfalls, darunter Chainlink (LINK) und Cardano (ADA), die die schlimmsten Rückgänge auf breiter Front erlebten.

5 Black Friday Bitcoin deals not to be missed

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Black Friday Week heralds the start of the Christmas season with substantial discounts.

The week of the bargain hunters also offers some top deals in the Crypto-Space. Today we present you five Black Friday deals that you shouldn’t miss.

5th Black Friday Deal at Trezor | -20

The crypto community in particular is likely to sit up and take notice when they hear the words Cold Storage and Black Friday Week in one sentence. This is because Trezor puts its entire focus on securing crypto currencies and is ideal for storing crypto currencies. The company also has a comprehensive range of hardware wallets.

CryptoCloaks LLC is a company born out of a love of 3D printing and the enthusiasm of Bitcoin. On CryptoCloaks you can buy a wide variety of Bitcoin and crypto gadgets. For example, there are holders for hardware wallets, Bitcoin Future app, spinners, crypto keychains and many other products that are ideal for crypto enthusiasts.

Trezor Black Friday SaleTrezor

From November 23 to 29, buyers will receive 20 percent off all hardware wallets from Trezor. A look into the Trezor Shop can therefore not hurt.

4th ledger | -40%

But the competition never sleeps. Besides Trezor, Ledger also offers a discount on its hardware wallets. Be Your Own Bank has become a well-known phrase in crypto space and crypto investors can make this dream come true with hardware wallets that are affordable for everyone. The Ledger products offer a reliable level of security and now is the time when the purchase of a hardware wallet can be especially worthwhile.

During Black Friday Week, Ledger offers a 40 percent discount on its entire hardware wallet assortment. A look at the website is worthwhile.

3. cryptoCloaks

During Black Friday Week, buyers receive a 10 percent discount on all CryptoCloaks products. So if you are still looking for Christmas presents for your crypto friends, you should definitely check out the CryptoCloaks store.
2nd trading view

For Trading-interested and such, which want to argue still more intensively with the course development of different crypto currencies, Tradingview has interesting Black Friday offers.

On all Abo conclusions the Trading platform grants full discounts.

  • Tradingview Pro: 40 percent.
  • Tradingview Pro+: 50 percent.
  • Premium access: 60 percent.

For example, with Pro+, traders can compare four charts at the same time, which is a real advantage for chart analysis. In addition, the subscriptions offer advantages such as additional indicators, more accurate chart data and a user-defined layout that can be customized as desired. Keeping an eye on the Black Friday offers could pay off for those interested.

1st Binance Black Friday: 50% off Bitcoin purchase

The world’s largest crypto exchange also attracts visitors with an interesting Black Friday Week offer. Every new user gets the chance to buy Bitcoin at Binance for a 50 percent discount. All they have to do is open a Binance account and complete two simple tasks.

Complete a crypto purchase for the equivalent of $50 or more.
50 US dollars on Binance trades – both selling and buying crypto currencies count.

Once you have completed this simple task, you will automatically be entered into a raffle. In this raffle, 40 lucky winners are selected to receive a 50 percent discount on their next Bitcoin purchase.

Bitcoin cambia oficialmente a PayPal

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El activo ha superado la capitalización de mercado de la red luego de un anuncio de que PayPal tiene la intención de integrar criptografía.

Desde que PayPal anunció la adición de Bitcoin ( BTC ) a su plataforma, la capitalización de mercado del activo ha superado la de PayPal .


En el momento de la publicación, Bitcoin tiene una capitalización de mercado de $ 239,877,416,968, superando recientemente a PayPal en la lista de AssetDash de las acciones, ETF y criptoactivos más grandes. Bitcoin ahora ocupa el puesto 21 en la lista, con PayPal justo debajo con $ 238,578,822,000.

Siempre que una empresa, un activo o de otro modo supere a un rival en valoración, el espacio criptográfico se refiere vagamente al evento como un „cambio radical“. En 2017, varias personas especularon sobre un posible cambio de Ethereum ( ETH ), que haría que la capitalización de mercado de ETH aumentara más que la de BTC.

En el momento de la publicación, ningún activo criptográfico ha cambiado la capitalización de mercado de Bitcoin

El 21 de octubre, PayPal confirmó los rumores de que PayPal planea agregar Bitcoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash ( BCH ) y Litecoin ( LTC ) a su lista de opciones de pago en 2021. Cuando se utilizan para transacciones, los activos se convertirán automáticamente en efectivo en el backend para destinatarios comerciales.

Bitcoin vio un desempeño de precios sobresaliente después de la noticia, que aparentemente actuó como un catalizador para impulsar el precio del activo aún más alto después de varios días alcistas . Durante las últimas 48 horas, el precio de BTC se ha disparado más de $ 1,000.

Famous publisher of financial pyramids returns to prison in SC

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Man would have acted in other frauds such as Bbom and Click Dreams

The Civil Police of Santa Catarina sent back to jail on Thursday (01) one of the biggest promoters of the financial pyramid Telexfree. The action, the 3rd phase of Operation Pharaoh, took place in Itajaí and Videira.

According to police, one of the accused was to serve house arrest in the Midwest of Santa Catarina, but was found in the municipality of Videira, which is 450 km from the capital, Florianopolis.

„He left the Midwest for the coast so that he could get new investors, new customers who would become victims in the future,“ said delegate Eduardo Defaveri in the newspaper Cidade Alerta, broadcast by Florianópolis‘ NDTV network.

According to the results of the operation, one of the investigated had seized around R$8,000 (US$5,000), 3 notebooks, 2 computers, 4 mobile phones, 3 luxury frames, a 22 caliber rifle, a drone, among other assets. According to the police, there was also a kidnapped property.

„From now on the investigations will continue to analyze the objects seized and promote the confrontation of information obtained so far,“ said the delegate in the note.

According to him, one of the people arrested was no longer able to raise investors because he would be marked in the Midwest region.

In addition to a known suspect, another person was arrested preventively and had three mobile phones, notebook and money seized. According to the police, he is at the disposal of the judiciary and the public prosecutor.

Telexfree Discloser arrested

There is no confirmation that it is the same person, but according to a report on Bitcoin’s Portal in September, the famous Clair Berti was arrested with an amount of R$ 105,000. The money was found inside boxes, shoes and even inside a violin case.

However, for health reasons, his arrest was converted into a home regime by using an electronic anklet.

He was arrested in several pyramids

As the Bitcoin Portal found out, besides Telexfree, it would have acted in other frauds, such as Bbom and Click Dreams, for example.

According to his track record in court, Berti is part of several cases involving Telexfree since the coup came to light as recently as 2013. As a leader, he has been one of the major publicists in the scheme.

In Brazil, Telexfree was led by Carlos Costa; in the US, partially by Carlos Nataniel Wanzeler, who in the past renounced his Brazilian citizenship.

In May this year, the Federal Court of Espírito Santo sentenced Carlos and Wanzeler to 12 years and 6 months in prison for crimes against the financial system.

Last week, the STF authorized Wanzeler’s extradition to US soil in response to a government request. There he can remain in prison for up to 30 years.

How Telexfree operated

Idealized by Carlos Wanzeler, the Telexfree scheme was the sale of telephone packages that were nothing more than a front.

To promote the product, the company adopted a multi-level marketing system that cost US$ 50 (about R$ 200) just for the membership fee. The prices of the packages ranged from US$289 to US$1,375.

To make a profit, the ‚publisher‘ would have to buy and resell packages to anyone who wanted to enter the business. This way, he would get a referral bonus.

The reward stimulated the growth of the network, but it would become unsustainable when people stopped coming in, a sure-fire outcome in any pyramid scheme, or Ponzi.

Football Leaks hacker has no cryptomorphs

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Portuguese has been imprisoned in his country since March 2019, after extradition from Hungary.

The Portuguese Judiciary Police, which is investigating the case of the Football Leaks hacker, said that he has no cryptomorphe. There were suspicions that Rui Pinto, 30, had obtained those coins after spreading bombastic information to the public.

The world stopped when one of the world’s greatest players, Cristiano Ronaldo, was accused of some crimes. One of them was an alleged CR7 rape on the American Kathryn Mayorga.

In addition, the famous player had problems with the Spanish tax office after the leak. The episode started in 2015, when hacker Rui Pinto started the so-called Football Leaks.


This is considered the worst leak in football history.

Hacker who leaked data at Football Leaks has no cryptomorphs, investigates
Rui Pinto is the name of the hacker that has gained the world’s attention in recent years. Arrested in Hungary in 2019 in a modest neighbourhood of the capital Budapest, Rui was sent to Portugal.

Being there his home country, today he is tried by the courts on charges of 90 crimes committed. This is because Rui Pinto put into practice the biggest data leak in the history of football.

In possession of information from Sporting, the first club of CR7, and Doyen Sports, Rui leaked everything to the public in 2015. Investigations indicate that at the time he tried to extort Doyen, asking for between 500 thousand and 1 million euros.

With the leak, the man was sought and found by the authorities. The investigations then turned to the source of the money that financed Rui Pinto’s life during his escape.

The investigators believed that the Football Leaks hacker had many cryptomites. According to Tribuna Expresso, the Judicial Police have already gathered concrete elements that he has no possession of these coins.

Hacker maintains that he did this for football fans and that transparency is everything
Rui Pinto collaborates with the investigations of the PJ of Portugal. In the last days, for example, he used his password to decrypt his equipment and give access to the investigators.

Despite the accusations of larceny against the company, Rui Pinto did not succeed in making profits from the leak. The police even identified him with the old book trade from World War II, something that would not give her a life of great gains.

Last Tuesday (29), Rui Pinto used his Twitter to defend his actions. For him, the Football Leaks leak gives more transparency to football fans, one of the most popular in the world.

The hacker responsible for Football Leaks is involved in the leaks of Luanda Leaks and Malta Files. The latter even found evidence of Odebrecht’s offshore operations on the island of Malta.

For some, Rui Pinto would be the „Julian Assange of football“. The trial against him began in early September. If convicted, he could face up to 25 years in prison.

Finally, at the time of the leaks, even Neymar’s contract with Barcelona was leaked. Several players and clubs face legal proceedings after the leaks of fraud in contracts, among other criminal activities never disclosed in world football.

Krypto-AML-Software zur Einhaltung von Vorschriften integrieren

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Wie Banken Krypto-AML-Software zur Einhaltung von Vorschriften integrieren

Virtual Asset Service Provider (VASPs) sind auf der Suche nach effektiven Lösungen für die Einhaltung der Kryptowährung, da weltweit neue Vorschriften zur Bekämpfung illegaler Aktivitäten auf der Blockkette eingeführt werden. Welche Lösungen stehen ihnen zur Verfügung?

Welche Lösungen gibt es angesichts der Tatsache, dass traditionelle Banken und Finanzinstitute Krypto-Assets und allen damit verbundenen Risiken bei Bitcoin Revolution ausgesetzt sind, sowie angesichts der fortgesetzten Beratung von Regierungsbehörden an Banken, ein Krypto-Risikomanagementsystem zu integrieren?

Um sich an die aktuellen regulatorischen Standards anzupassen, müssen Banken und Finanzinstitute, die als direkte oder indirekte Dienstleister in den Bereich der digitalen Vermögenswerte einsteigen, als Teil der umfassenderen Know Your Customer-Prozesse die Anti-Geldwäsche- und Know Your Transaction- oder KYT-Compliance-Vorschriften einhalten. Dazu müssen sie in der Lage sein, die mit Blockchain-Transaktionen verbundenen Risiken wirksam zu überwachen. Wie lösen die Banken dieses Problem, wenn sie nicht intern dafür eingerichtet sind? Mit welchen Lösungen können sie die Sorgfaltspflichtstandards erfüllen?

Ab 2020 sind die Banken in unterschiedlichem Maße gegenüber Kryptowährungen exponiert, aber die meisten sind in irgendeiner Weise exponiert. Gegenwärtig gibt es zwei Kategorien von Banken, die Kryptowährungen ausgesetzt sind:

  • Indirekte Kontakte: Dabei handelt es sich um Banken, die nicht direkt mit Kryptowährungen zu tun haben, aber Virtual Asset Service Providern erlauben, Konten zu führen. Diese Dienstleister müssen sicherstellen, dass die Gelder, die auf ihre Bankkonten eingehen, „sauber“ sind und nicht mit verdächtigen Aktivitäten in Verbindung stehen, bevor sie von digitalen Vermögenswerten auf Fiat übertragen werden.
    Direkter Kontakt: Dabei kann es sich um Krypto-Banken, Treuhandfonds oder Finanzinstitute handeln, die in direktem Kontakt mit Krypto-Währungen stehen – zum Beispiel als Verwahrer digitaler Vermögenswerte für ihre Kunden. In den Vereinigten Staaten und in Deutschland ist es für Banken inzwischen legal, eine Lizenz zur Verwahrung digitaler Vermögenswerte zu besitzen, und für Finanzdienstleistungen wie diese ist ein zusätzliches Maß an Sorgfaltspflicht, Transaktionsüberwachung und Risikoprofilerstellung erforderlich.

Laut dem Basler Ausschuss für Bankenaufsicht, dem primären globalen Standardsetzer für die aufsichtsrechtliche Regulierung von Banken, „sollte das Risikomanagement-Rahmenwerk einer Bank für Krypto-Vermögenswerte vollständig in die allgemeinen Risikomanagementprozesse integriert werden, einschließlich derjenigen, die mit der Geldwäschebekämpfung […] und einer verstärkten Betrugsüberwachung zusammenhängen“. Der Ausschuss rät auch zu rechtzeitigen Aktualisierungen des Risikoprofils und der Risikobewertungen bei Bitcoin Trader für Banken mit Krypto-Vermögenswerten.

Die traditionellen Compliance-Verfahren von Banken und Finanzinstituten (für Fiat) bestehen aus den folgenden Stufen:

  • Kenne deinen Kunden.
  • Anti-Geldwäsche.
  • Fallmanagement-Lösung.

Banken müssen einen Weg finden, um die Überwachung von Krypto-Transaktionen und die Erstellung von Risikoprofilen in ihre Verfahren zu integrieren. Mit der Verfügbarkeit mehrerer Krypto-Softwarelösungen ist es jetzt möglich, alle drei Stufen in ein All-in-one-Tool zu integrieren, das KYT (als Teil der KYC-Compliance-Verfahren), AML und Case-Management-Lösungen für digitale Vermögenswerte abdeckt.

Wie funktionieren AML-Compliance-Softwarelösungen für Krypto-Währung?

Krypto-Compliance-Plattformen arbeiten als automatisierte Risiko-Profiler, die Blockchain-Entity-Interaktionen bewerten und potenzielle Verbindungen mit anderen Entitäten beobachten. Die Software stützt sich auf Algorithmen und Verhaltensmuster sowie auf historische Faktoren, um Risikoprofile zu erstellen.

Einer der Hauptvorteile dieser Lösungen besteht darin, dass die Bank, je nachdem, ob sie direkt oder indirekt mit Kryptowährungen zu tun hat, ihre Überwachungssysteme entsprechend konfigurieren kann. Das gleiche Prinzip gilt auch für andere Dienstleistungsanbieter wie Krypto-Börsen. Sobald der Kunde seine Risikoparameter konfiguriert hat, kann er dann Warnsysteme einrichten.

Da alle Transaktionen vom System automatisch, in Echtzeit und rund um die Uhr überwacht werden, wird die zusätzliche manuelle Arbeit, die normalerweise erforderlich ist, um die Herkunft von Geldern zu verstehen, erheblich minimiert. Ein Großteil der üblichen Einarbeitungs- und Schulungszeiten wird ebenfalls auf ein Minimum reduziert. Da die Banken nicht mehr nur die üblichen Fiat-to-Fiat-Transaktionen überwachen, sondern auch Crypto-to-Fiat- und Fiat-to-Crypto-Transaktionen, müssen sie sich durch die Blockchain-Technologie arbeiten, auf der die Transaktionen aufbauen.

La difficoltà di Bitcoin stabilisce un nuovo record mentre i minatori entrano in fase rialzista

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La massiccia sovrapposizione finanziaria intrapresa dai principali minatori Bitcoin (BTC) sta cominciando a produrre alcuni risultati significativi con difficoltà di estrazione, raggiungendo un nuovo massimo storico (ATH). L’immediato periodo post-salvataggio ha visto le operazioni più piccole uscire dal mercato con i partecipanti che si sono orientati verso un hardware più sofisticato.

La difficoltà mineraria di Bitcoin imposta il nuovo triidrato di alluminio

In un tweeting di lunedì, l’analista Bitcoin e creatore del modello Stock-to-Flow (S2F), PlanB, ha rivelato che la difficoltà di estrazione mineraria Bitcoin Revolution ha raggiunto un nuovo massimo storico di 17,6 trilioni di miliardi. La difficoltà di estrazione si riferisce alla potenza media di hashing richiesta dai minatori per risolvere un blocco di transazioni nella rete Bitcoin.

In genere, i cambiamenti di difficoltà seguono un movimento simile nel tasso di hashish; la quantità di potenza di calcolo spesa per mettere in sicurezza la rete. Un aumento della difficoltà da una prospettiva fondamentale significa che è ora computazionalmente più difficile vincere la gara di hash.

Il nuovo record di difficoltà di lunedì indica probabilmente l’emergere di un ottimismo di mercato tra i minatori, specialmente dopo i recenti guadagni di prezzo della Bitcoin. Con il tasso di hashish in calo dopo il dimezzamento di maggio, si è parlato di un possibile esodo dei minatori dalla rete, soprattutto tra le operazioni più piccole.

La stagnazione dei prezzi di BTC ha fatto sì che i minatori si trovassero ad affrontare problemi di redditività. Tuttavia, nonostante i problemi, le grandi attività minerarie in Nord America stavano abitualmente espandendo la loro capacità acquistando più hardware da grandi produttori come Bitmain e MicroBT.

Commentando le implicazioni rialziste dell’attuale difficoltà mineraria di ATH, il piano B ha twittato:

„I minatori devono fare (grandi) investimenti per ottenere questo hardware migliore. I minatori lo fanno solo se pensano di poter recuperare quell’investimento, cioè se sono rialzisti“.

La Cina controlla ancora la maggior parte del mercato minerario Bitcoin, ma paesi come gli Stati Uniti, il Kazakistan e l’Iran stanno cominciando a vedere un aumento delle attività minerarie Bitcoin. Recentemente, il governo iraniano ha approvato le centrali elettriche del paese che estraggono le crittocittà minerarie.

Il prezzo della BTC è ancora in difficoltà con un livello di prezzo di 12.000 dollari

L’attuale ottimismo tra i minatori sta arrivando, dato che il prezzo di BTC sembra destinato a superare definitivamente il livello di 12.000 dollari. Ogni avanzamento oltre questo punto di resistenza è stato finora affrontato con un rapido recupero.

Tuttavia, con un numero sempre maggiore di società che adottano Bitcoin come attività di tesoreria, il crescente consenso è che il cripto di primo piano della capitalizzazione di mercato vedrà alla fine un salto di prezzo verso i suoi 19.800 dollari di triidrato di alluminio. I sostenitori di questa argomentazione di anticipo rialzista indicano le incertezze economiche e l’impatto del coronavirus come probabili fattori scatenanti di un aumento parabolico del prezzo del Bitcoin.

A1 Telekom Oostenrijk Rolt Crypto-betalingsterminals uit

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  • A1 Telekom Oostenrijk is begonnen met het uitrollen van nieuwe betaalterminals in Oostenrijk, waardoor klanten met crypto kunnen betalen in duizenden opgeslagen landelijk gelegen vestigingen.
  • De upgrade naar de A1-betaalservice betekent dat Bitcoin, Ethereum en Dash worden geaccepteerd naast de traditionele betaalmethoden.
  • De verhuizing is een boost voor crypto-normalisatie

A1 Telekom Austria, Oostenrijks grootste telefoonnetwerkexploitant, is begonnen met de uitrol van geüpgrade betaalterminals waarmee handelaren in het hele land cryptocurrencies als betaling kunnen accepteren. Als gevolg hiervan zal de A1-betalingsdienst nu Bitcoin Trader, Ethereum en Dash accepteren, waardoor klanten met cryptocurrency’s kunnen betalen in „risicovrije transacties“ bij duizenden winkels in het land.

A1 Telekom Austria Boosts Crypto Adoptie

De lancering van de nieuwe dienst, die gepaard zal gaan met een uitrol van nieuwe terminals, werd begin deze maand aangekondigd maar is nu begonnen. De upgrade betekent dat handelaren nieuwe betalingsalternatieven tot hun beschikking krijgen die, in de woorden van A1 Telekom Oostenrijk, „gericht zijn op digitale en internationale behoeften“.

Door de toevoeging van „specialistische kennis over crypto-valuta’s is het niet nodig“, stelt de verhuizing de 5,4 miljoen mobiele en 2,3 miljoen vaste klanten van het bedrijf in staat om cryptocurrency te betalen, waarbij de cryptocurrency op het verkooppunt in euro’s wordt omgewisseld. In het persbericht dat het nieuws aankondigt, erkent A1 Telekom Austria de toename van het gebruik van cryptocurrency als betaalmiddel:

Met A1-betaling profiteren bedrijven in heel Oostenrijk van de digitalisering en de groeiende acceptatie van digitale valuta.

De mogelijkheid van A1 Telekom Oostenrijk om crypto-betalingen aan te bieden aan klanten is mogelijk dankzij een partnerschap met een ander Oostenrijks bedrijf, Salamantex, een Fintech-bedrijf dat gespecialiseerd is in de ontwikkeling van betaaloplossingen voor digitale activa en deze combineert met bestaande betaaloplossingen.

Bitcoin long-term price analysis: July 27

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Disclaimer: The results of the following analysis may or may not materialize in one week as the variables involved and under consideration are too precarious for the year 2020 y Bitcoin Revolution is stepping into deep water again. In fact, the world’s largest digital asset has been traded in this range only three times in the last 7 months. Therefore, based on its previous rallies, BTC’s long-term narrative could be leaning towards another bearish outcome. However, there are different factors that come into play for the current recovery. Therefore, it is possible that the cryptogram will deviate from its previous performance.

Bitcoin was valued at $10,340 at the time of writing, with a market capitalization of nearly $200 billion and $190 billion.

Bitcoin 1-Day Chart

A direct analysis of the 1-day graph for Bitcoin showed a breakdown of a symmetrical triangle pattern. In typical fashion, the bullish breakout broke two key resistance levels at $9701 and $10,017, and the price of Bitcoin was still moving in the right direction, at the time of printing. On closer examination, it can be seen that Bitcoin had reached the trading range at the time of printing only for the third time in 2020.

On the two previous occasions, the price had recorded an immediate decline, falling below $8879 each time.

Considering an ideal correction period, Bitcoin may fall by as much as $10,000 in the next few days before embarking on a new annual high of around $10,900-11,000. It’s not set in stone, but the possibility is very high.

Bitcoin’s market indicators also reflected the market.

The Relative Strength Index or RSI for the BTC was in the overbought zone for the third time this year, a finding that indirectly suggested that a potential reversal could be in the cards. The MACD remained bullish as the blue line continued to float above the red line.

Will Bitcoin finally register a new high in 2020?

Frankly, the BTC’s press time price position is fraught with uncertainty. Users can idolize the accompanying chart and keep their hopes for a new high. As noted, on the three previous occasions Bitcoin reached $10,000, the price witnessed an immediate red candle, indicating a reversal. At the time of writing, Bitcoin was on track to register consecutive green candles for the first time in 2020 after reaching $10,000.

It is therefore definitely possible that the world’s largest digital asset could gain further momentum from here, but the RSI casts a shadow of doubt. As noted above, Bitcoin is already in the overbought section, a development that means that setbacks may be on the cards.

The key for Bitcoin would be to consolidate above $10,000 this time if it wants to maintain its hopes of exceeding $10,000. In fact, the signs are largely positive, but will become clearer in the coming days.


Bitcoin could consolidate between $10,000 and $10,450 in the coming days and possibly record a new annual high after the second week of August.

Robert Kiyosaki skyver nok en gang Bitcoin

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Robert Kiyosaki, forfatteren av „Rik pappa, stakkars pappa“ er tilbake på det igjen med ros av bitcoin, verdens største cryptocurrency etter markedsstørrelse.

Robert Kiyosaki: Glem hus og gull

I et intervju gjennomført av den beste bitcoininvestoren og entusiasten Anthony Pompliano – som nettopp i forrige uke overbeviste komikeren Bill Burr om å kjøpe Bitcoin Era for første gang, forklarte Kiyosaki for lyttere at gull og eiendom ikke lenger holder kraftig svai i USA, og at Å investere i bitcoin er fremtidens vei. Han kommenterte:

Eiendommer og gullgutta fases ut … bitcoin-verdenen kommer til syne akkurat nå … Jeg synes det er viktig, spesielt for gamle gutter som meg, å forstå kryptovalutaen fordi det er den verdenen som kommer til syne akkurat nå og oss ekte eiendommer og gullgutta fases ut.

Robert Kiyosaki har vært på et voldsomt press for bitcoin siden mars da coronaviruset først begynte å forbikjør den globale økonomien. Stimulansjektene som den amerikanske regjeringen utstedte, satte ham på en Twitter-rant som fikk ham til å fortelle folk at dødsfallet til den amerikanske dollaren var nært forestående, og at økningen av bitcoin var på grensen til å skje. Han ba alle om å bli involvert hvis de ikke vil at de økonomiske livene deres skulle bli påvirket av hard inflasjon.

I tillegg uttrykte han tillit til at bitcoin-prisen ville spike til 75 000 dollar de neste tre årene. Sier han:

Det er denne kampen i dag mellom gamle gutter og unge gutter. Som gammel mann tok det meg en stund å komme meg videre til [bitcoin og crypto], men nå kjøper jeg det.

BTC er en del av den økonomiske fremtiden

Han opplyser at han opprinnelig prøvde å kjøpe bitcoin i slutten av 2017 da det slo nesten 20 000 dollar per enhet, selv om han sier at han ikke fullførte noen transaksjoner på det tidspunktet. Imidlertid har de nåværende økonomiske forholdene og regjeringens reaksjon på spredningen av COVID-19 fått ham til å hoppe om bord. Han skriver videre:

Bitcoin og andre cryptocurrencies utfordrer nå hegemoniet for amerikanske dollar og andre fiat-valutaer. I mai 2020 kuttet en historisk begivenhet den daglige innkommende tilførselen av bitcoin fra 1800 bitcoin per dag til 900 bitcoin per dag, en slags kvantitativ herding, motsatt av hva Fed gjør ved å trykke billioner dollar. Sentralbanker skaper på enkleste vilkår penger ut av ingenting. De lager „falske penger“ og låner dem til myndigheter. Bitcoin er derimot fullstendig desentralisert, noe som betyr at ingen kan manipulere markedet, og det er ikke noe eneste poeng med å mislykkes… Det vil være interessant å se hvor lenge sentralbankene vil tåle konkurransen fra cyberpenger før det er en showdown.

På pressetidet handler bitcoin for drøyt 9.200 dollar.