Famous publisher of financial pyramids returns to prison in SC

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Man would have acted in other frauds such as Bbom and Click Dreams

The Civil Police of Santa Catarina sent back to jail on Thursday (01) one of the biggest promoters of the financial pyramid Telexfree. The action, the 3rd phase of Operation Pharaoh, took place in Itajaí and Videira.

According to police, one of the accused was to serve house arrest in the Midwest of Santa Catarina, but was found in the municipality of Videira, which is 450 km from the capital, Florianopolis.

„He left the Midwest for the coast so that he could get new investors, new customers who would become victims in the future,“ said delegate Eduardo Defaveri in the newspaper Cidade Alerta, broadcast by Florianópolis‘ NDTV network.

According to the results of the operation, one of the investigated had seized around R$8,000 (US$5,000), 3 notebooks, 2 computers, 4 mobile phones, 3 luxury frames, a 22 caliber rifle, a drone, among other assets. According to the police, there was also a kidnapped property.

„From now on the investigations will continue to analyze the objects seized and promote the confrontation of information obtained so far,“ said the delegate in the note.

According to him, one of the people arrested was no longer able to raise investors because he would be marked in the Midwest region.

In addition to a known suspect, another person was arrested preventively and had three mobile phones, notebook and money seized. According to the police, he is at the disposal of the judiciary and the public prosecutor.

Telexfree Discloser arrested

There is no confirmation that it is the same person, but according to a report on Bitcoin’s Portal in September, the famous Clair Berti was arrested with an amount of R$ 105,000. The money was found inside boxes, shoes and even inside a violin case.

However, for health reasons, his arrest was converted into a home regime by using an electronic anklet.

He was arrested in several pyramids

As the Bitcoin Portal found out, besides Telexfree, it would have acted in other frauds, such as Bbom and Click Dreams, for example.

According to his track record in court, Berti is part of several cases involving Telexfree since the coup came to light as recently as 2013. As a leader, he has been one of the major publicists in the scheme.

In Brazil, Telexfree was led by Carlos Costa; in the US, partially by Carlos Nataniel Wanzeler, who in the past renounced his Brazilian citizenship.

In May this year, the Federal Court of Espírito Santo sentenced Carlos and Wanzeler to 12 years and 6 months in prison for crimes against the financial system.

Last week, the STF authorized Wanzeler’s extradition to US soil in response to a government request. There he can remain in prison for up to 30 years.

How Telexfree operated

Idealized by Carlos Wanzeler, the Telexfree scheme was the sale of telephone packages that were nothing more than a front.

To promote the product, the company adopted a multi-level marketing system that cost US$ 50 (about R$ 200) just for the membership fee. The prices of the packages ranged from US$289 to US$1,375.

To make a profit, the ‚publisher‘ would have to buy and resell packages to anyone who wanted to enter the business. This way, he would get a referral bonus.

The reward stimulated the growth of the network, but it would become unsustainable when people stopped coming in, a sure-fire outcome in any pyramid scheme, or Ponzi.