Football Leaks hacker has no cryptomorphs

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Portuguese has been imprisoned in his country since March 2019, after extradition from Hungary.

The Portuguese Judiciary Police, which is investigating the case of the Football Leaks hacker, said that he has no cryptomorphe. There were suspicions that Rui Pinto, 30, had obtained those coins after spreading bombastic information to the public.

The world stopped when one of the world’s greatest players, Cristiano Ronaldo, was accused of some crimes. One of them was an alleged CR7 rape on the American Kathryn Mayorga.

In addition, the famous player had problems with the Spanish tax office after the leak. The episode started in 2015, when hacker Rui Pinto started the so-called Football Leaks.


This is considered the worst leak in football history.

Hacker who leaked data at Football Leaks has no cryptomorphs, investigates
Rui Pinto is the name of the hacker that has gained the world’s attention in recent years. Arrested in Hungary in 2019 in a modest neighbourhood of the capital Budapest, Rui was sent to Portugal.

Being there his home country, today he is tried by the courts on charges of 90 crimes committed. This is because Rui Pinto put into practice the biggest data leak in the history of football.

In possession of information from Sporting, the first club of CR7, and Doyen Sports, Rui leaked everything to the public in 2015. Investigations indicate that at the time he tried to extort Doyen, asking for between 500 thousand and 1 million euros.

With the leak, the man was sought and found by the authorities. The investigations then turned to the source of the money that financed Rui Pinto’s life during his escape.

The investigators believed that the Football Leaks hacker had many cryptomites. According to Tribuna Expresso, the Judicial Police have already gathered concrete elements that he has no possession of these coins.

Hacker maintains that he did this for football fans and that transparency is everything
Rui Pinto collaborates with the investigations of the PJ of Portugal. In the last days, for example, he used his password to decrypt his equipment and give access to the investigators.

Despite the accusations of larceny against the company, Rui Pinto did not succeed in making profits from the leak. The police even identified him with the old book trade from World War II, something that would not give her a life of great gains.

Last Tuesday (29), Rui Pinto used his Twitter to defend his actions. For him, the Football Leaks leak gives more transparency to football fans, one of the most popular in the world.

The hacker responsible for Football Leaks is involved in the leaks of Luanda Leaks and Malta Files. The latter even found evidence of Odebrecht’s offshore operations on the island of Malta.

For some, Rui Pinto would be the „Julian Assange of football“. The trial against him began in early September. If convicted, he could face up to 25 years in prison.

Finally, at the time of the leaks, even Neymar’s contract with Barcelona was leaked. Several players and clubs face legal proceedings after the leaks of fraud in contracts, among other criminal activities never disclosed in world football.